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The Courtyard Edina in Bloomington offers guests the opportunity to travel for business or pleasure. Connected to the Minnesota State University - St. Paul Campus and the University of Minnesota - Duluth Campus, EdINA Hotel offers award-winning dining options, making it the perfect getaway destination. The Westin Edinburgh Galleria has been named one of the best hotels in the Twin Cities in a recent survey.

Other hotel amenities include a full-service fitness centre, spa, gym and private pool. Other amenities include an indoor pool, an outdoor pool and gym, a fitness centre and a private pool with pool house.

Fillet steak dinner includes herbs - crust beef fillet, baby - baked potatoes, roasted carrots, chopped liver and pac. Tossed Roasted Carrots and Tenender Loin with tofurky, chicken and pecan salad, with one side of grilled bread and matzo ball soup with roasted almonds, whipped butter and cinnamon, including a choice of three different toppings: sweet potatoes, red onions or green beans and rice.

Fried Chicken ($109), a dinner that feeds 4-6 people and is fully cooked or simply served at home. Choose from poached chicken, chicken breast, pork chops and chicken breast, with three toppings to choose from: sweet potatoes, red onions or green beans and rice. Roast chicken for $108, dinner feeding 4 to 6 people, options include chicken wings, fried chicken or chicken and waffles, a side salad and a pickle or cucumber.

Lobster Lorraine Dinner ($125 per serving) includes lobster, lobster rolls, prawns, crab cakes, oysters, mac and cheese, a side salad and cucumber salad. Lobster and salad for $110, dinner with lobster and lobster roll, chicken breast, pork chops, red onion and green beans and rice, served for 2. King of the Lobsters for $120, Lobster and Lorraine's Dinner for $125 a serving, includes lobster and lollipops, crab, crab and oyster balls, and prawns and crabs.

Roast chicken dinner includes roast chicken, baked potatoes, chicken breast, pork chops, red onions and green beans and rice, as well as a side salad. The set includes chicken breasts, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions, black olives and coriander.

At home, pick-ups enjoy a dinner for 4-6 people during the Christmas season, which includes a bourbon glazed ham, smoked salmon spread, roasted Brussels sprouts, home-baked turnip hummus and a mini New Year's Eve-inspired dessert. There will be a variety of options, including chef's appetizers and spreads, as well as a selection of desserts. For dinner, sliced pork tenderloin with mushrooms and horseradish and smoked trout with a side salad. At home, there are also options for the holidays, such as a glazed ham from the pit - and smoked, pork belly and pork ribs, pork chops, chicken breast, red onion and green beans and rice, and side dishes and side dishes.

For more information and reservations, visit www.westinedinagalleria.com or call 567-5000 or 888-627-8245 or visitwww.

Meeting cards can be collected from any hotel restaurant or from the reception of any hotel in the EDina Hotel lobby. Patients staying at the EDINA Hotel, Edina Medical Center and St. Paul Hospital will receive a meal ticket the next day, Monday, July 31, 2017.

You can party with a party that is smaller than usual and easier than ever, and you can add a few snacks. It's a great way to celebrate with the EDina Hotel as simple and fun as never before.

In 2018, the Westin Edina Galleria celebrates its 10th anniversary by offering outstanding service and unforgettable experiences to its guests. The GSS assessment is a direct result of this and we have taken advantage of the admiration of the globalWestin brand and taken it a step further by strengthening our relationship with our partners in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area. We had the same ownership group and management company for the entire 10 years and we acted as if we had them as our owners and managers for the whole decade.

In 2018, total sales at the Westin Edina Galleria grew 6.7% to $2.5 billion, or $1.6 billion in room occupancy, and maintained its 3.4% annual growth rate. In addition to 5,389 rooms that will allow for a complete room renovation in 2018 and a total of 4,842 rooms, an annual occupancy rate (% of rooms occupied) of 80% was achieved, compared to 70% in 2017.

Decorate with red, white and green sprinkles, covered and filled with silky-sweet vanilla Italian buttercream frosting and covered with ice. Add to that the annual Christmas tree lighting at the Westin Edina Galleria, which starts on December 28 and ends on December 24 at 5 pm. Leave a sweet present hanging on the door of your neighbor, family member or friend.

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